Oregon Northwest Jurisdiction

The Oregon Northwest 2015 Holy Convocation, June 15-21, 2015, was an awesome experience in the Holy Ghost. We thank God that He met us in His Sanctuary each night as we celebrated the goodness of the Lord for all that He has done for us from last year until present. God has been mighty good to the Oregon NW Jurisdiction and we thank our leader, Bishop H.B. Daniels, Jr. for allowing the saints to go forth in praise and worship during this consecrated week unto the Lord.

The Right Rev. Leo C. Brown, Prelate of the Washington State Jurisdiction C.O.G.I.C. was invited by our Bishop to preach on Friday night of the convocation. Bishop Brown delievered a powerful word from the Lord sharing his personal testimony of conversion and the process of how he came to know Christ. He encouaged the church to  let God have his way in our lives and He would work a miracle. The Jurisdictional choir sang a classic song, “There is no other Way” as their melodic voices filled the house with praise and the church confirmed by their response of praise that there is no other way we can live without Christ. The saints shouted a while as Bishop Brown preached under the power of God and the Oregon Northwest Jurisdiction was pleased that many of the saints from Washington State came and worshipped with on that evening.

On Saturday night Elder Gene Crittendon of Walker Temple C.O.G.I.C. was invited by our Bishop to speak for our youth service. The power of the Lord hit Daniels Memorial at around 5:03 PM and the saints exploded in praise, rejoicing, and dancing as the spirit of the living God was tangible in our midst. The service was so taken over by God that we could not lift an offering, so the church kept the firing burning. Elder Crittendon preached a dynamic message entitled, “God Wants The Glory Out of Our Lives”. This was a timely message for our youth and adults to always remember that holiness without, no man shall see the Lord.

We are looking forward to Convocation 2016 and pray that God will continue to bless His people everywhere.


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