Oregon Northwest Jurisdiction

Leadership Directory

Jurisdictional Prelate
Administrative Assistant
Chairman of the Executive Board
Jurisdictional Secretary

Assistant Jurisdictional Secretary
Jurisdictional Treasurer
General Assembly Chairman
Ordination Board Chairman
Pastors & Elders Council Chairman
Dean of C.H. Mason Institute
Jurisdictional Expeditor
Jurisdictional Chief Adjutant
Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Supervisor of Women
Assistant Supervisor of Women
Executive Secretary
Women’s Department Treasurer
Jurisdictional Marshall
Assistant Jurisdictional Marshall
Sunshine Band Coordinator

State YPWW Director
State Music Director
Home & Foreign Missions
Sunday School Department
Evangelism Department
Jurisdictional Prayer Coordinator
State Usher Board President

Bishop H.B. Daniels, Jr.
Supt. P.J. Mullen, Sr.
Supt. B.E. Johnson
Supt. Paul L. Green, Sr.

Elder Crayton Jackson
Supt. P.J. Mullen, Sr.
Supt. Cliff Chappell, M. Div.
Supt. Cliff Chappell, M. Div.
Supt. Cliff Chappell, M. Div.
Elder Jackie Scott
Supt. H.B. Ings, Jr.
Deaconness Missionary H. Shawn Daniels

Mother Betty J. Green
Mother Cynthia Mullen
Missionary Reynolda Hall
Missionary Deborah Harris
Missionary Patricia Trice
Missionary Teresa Davis
Evangelist Gracie Walker

Elder Mark Hardy
Missionary Wendy Daniels-Jackson
Dr. Carlos Jermaine Richard
Sister Carrie Green