Oregon Northwest Jurisdiction

About Us

The Oregon Northwest Jurisdiction, under the auspices of Bishop H.B. Daniels, Jr. celebrated 50 years as a Jurisdiction in the Church of God in Christ during the 2012 Holy Convocation. We were blessed with the presence of  our International Presiding Bishop, Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. Bishop Blake delivered a prolific and powerful message from Psalms 27 encouraging the saints to actively pursue and seek the face of God. The Oregon Northwest Jurisdiction, formerly Jurisdiction #2, was founded by the late Bishop J.C. Foster in 1962. Currently, Bishop H.B. Daniels, Jr. serves as Jurisdictional prelate. The links directly to the left will give you full acces to learn about our Bishop, H.B. Daniels, Jr, Supervisor, Betty J. Green, Our History as a Jurisdiction, Statement of Faith, History of the Church of God In Christ, and What We Believe.

About the Church of God in Christ

The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is a Pentecostal Holiness Christian denomination founded by Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. The Church of God In Christ has nearly five million members in the United States with 2,000 congregations. COGIC is the largest Pentecostal church and the fifth largest Christian church in the United States. Internationally, COGIC can be found in more than 60 nations. Its worldwide membership is estimated to be between six and eight million members. There are more than 15,000 COGIC congregations found throughout the world. After moving to Memphis, Tennessee, and establishing the church’s headquarters there, Bishop Mason founded and pastored Temple COGIC. Bishop Mason established the annual gathering of COGIC that became known as the “International Holy Convocation” to be held in Memphis for twenty days beginning on November 25 and concluding on December 14. That time of the year was chosen because most of the church members at that time were farmers and had to harvest their crops. During the Holy Convocation, the members met for prayer, fasting, preaching, teaching, fellowship and to conduct the business pertaining to the national organization.

If the name of Jesus is not preached, souls cannot be saved, healed, and delivered.

Bishop H.B. Daniels, Jr.
Quote from the 2013 Annual Workers Meeting Message